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The head office of WD-40 is in San Diego, California – the same town where 60 years ago the multifunctional product of WD-40 was invented.

One can – a thousand ways to use it  WD-40 multifunctional spray with 6+1 possible functions:

  • Protection from moisture
  • Protection from corrosion
  • Extricating stuck screws and bolts
  • Lubrication
  • Removing dirt and residue
  • General protection
  • +1 Smart Straw exceptional double spray system

WD-40 has become one of the most popular brands nowadays. The globally well-known blue and yellow cans are associated with constantly developing products of the highest quality. Its protecting and cleaning functions are widely used in industrial environments and households as well, by mechanics, repairmen and DIYers.


A fresh breeze since 1952 – WUNDER-BAUM® products are the most popular air fresheners.

The tree-shape is the trademark of the company. The products are of excellent quality and also long-lasting: their aroma will not disappear for 7 weeks. You can find them in many variations in most shops and gas stations. They are easy to use, you can put them anywhere you like – they will surely lift your mood.

New from WUNDER-BAUM®: Invisi vent air freshener and Clip, which can be clipped anywhere.


TurtleWax is the biggest manufacturer of car care products. It was founded by Benjamin Hirsch in 1941; its head office is in Willowbrook, Illinois. Still run as a family business, TurtleWax has distributors in more than 90 countries.

Car wash and car care have become synonymous to TurtleWax® since 1953. TurtleWax continues to be in a leading role, its products are compatible with various surfaces. You can find them both in retail and whole-sale markets.


ArmorAll wipes will help you clean your car easily and quickly. The unique formula of ArmorAll (patent protection since 1979) enables chemicals to enter the surface to be treated and thus clean and protect it.

The story of ArmorAll started in 1962, when 21-year-old polymer chemist Joe Palcher invented a white-coloured “miraculous” formula to protect rubber, plastic and vinyl surfaces from UV radiation and the harmful effects of ozone. The more advanced results of this are ARMOR ALL® wipes, which were introduced in 2002. Using it will make cleaning and keeping your vehicle clean simpler than ever.


STP Oil Treatment is a high-performance detergent with an advanced technology. STP® has been at the forefront of developing fuel additives for 50 years now. The company was founded by three friends in October 1954 in the USA. Today they are present in almost 100 countries.

STP oil and fuel additives will make the performance and effectiveness better in case of all kinds of vehicles. The new generation of products will help drivers even further to get as much out of their engines as possible. By using it regularly, you will save fuel. The products were tested in accordance with the most important standards, by independent organizations.



The company was founded by Robert Bosch (1861-1942) in Stuttgart as a “Workshop for Precision Mechanics and Electrical Engineering” in 1886. They have been present in Hungary since 1899. The regional representation was re-founded in 1991, and since then it has become a significant branch and Hungary`s second largest foreign employer. Facilities of Bosch can be found in Budapest, Hatvan, Miskolc, Eger and Szigetszentmiklós. However, retails and service points are available all around the country.

Bosch batteries meet all the international requirements. They are highly reliable and available at an affordable price.


OSRAM Licht AG is a leading multinational lighting manufacturer founded in 1919. Their central office is found in Munich, Germany.

OSRAM vehicle lights are known for their good quality and reliability. All products meet the international requirements and the European standards of car manufacturers.


Kent Chamois Company Ltd., the manufacturer and distributer of genuine and synthetic chamois in the UK and overseas, was founded in 1981.The company quickly became a big fish in this segment of the market; they soon started to gradually broaden their offered products and to discover new areas. With the support of a strong manufacturing centre, Kent has become a market leader.

Leather, pads, sponges and brushes of outstanding quality from England since 1981.


A stand-out brand in the design, creation and marketing of accessories for smartphones and tablets, SBS has been in business for more than twenty years and has over 100 employees in Italy and across the world. The brand is active across almost the whole of Europe, offering products marked by their sophisticated designs, which enable customers to customise their mobile devices however they wish.

A new project from SBS, who created the brand to complement its existing activities in the mobile accessories sector. Easy Cell offers high-quality products that are characterised by extraordinary value and prices.


Travel Blue was founded in 1987 in the UK in order to solve and service the needs of travellers. Back then, there were only a few solutions that provided comfort and security. The products that did exist were basic in their design and functionality and were not well distributed in retail stores. When we realised these travel needs, we knew that there was an opportunity to improve travellers’ experiences. This is when we started the Travel Blue offer of a one-stop shop for all travel needs.

With over 200 products sold in over 110 countries and thousands of stores – including the most luxurious Airport Duty Free shops, Luggage & Bags shops, Travel, and Department stores around the world, alongside Online stores and Marketplaces – all choose to carry Travel Blue’s products for its range, design and quality as one of their leading brands.


The company was founded in England in 1899. The name today means perfect quality, high technology and great performance in terms of engine oil and lubricants.

Castrol oil improves short- and long-term engine performance and efficiency. They provide protection for older engines and help to decrease harmful emissions. Castrol is a solution for any kind of vehicle – whether it be on the roads or on the racing tracks.


MyShaldan is an air freshener from Japan not just for cars. It is one of the most popular of such products and is made of limonene, an extract of citrus.

MyShaldan air fresheners emit a naturally fresh smell, which can last for 8 weeks in your car or in your home. The cylindrical can contains 80 grams of gel.

You can choose from these aromas:

  • Lemon
  • Herb
  • Squash
  • Lime
  • Apple
  • Orange
  • Peach


Rain-X deals with the car equipment products of SOPUS PRODUCTS, who are known as the subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell. Their best known product is the synthetic rain repellent spray, which is to be used on surfaces such as car glasses.

For the past 40 years Rain-X® has been a reliable partner of drivers. Wiper blades, the water-repelling technology of Original Glass Treatment and other glass cleaning products made Rain-X® a leader of the market.


Smart Kid Belt is a product that enables a safe carriage of children. It takes care of a good position of the lap belt section and smoothly adjusts the shoulder section to the child’s height. The safety of the Smart Kid Belt is confirmed by the results of crash tests carried out by independent institutes. Smart Kid Belt is suitable for children from groups 2 and 3, 4-12 years and weighing between 15 and 36 kg (we recommend 5-12 years). It fits every car.


Total is the world’s fourth largest oil and gas company and a world leader in chemicals. It operates in more than 130 countries and employs nearly 97,000 people.

Total’s activities cover all phases of the oil industry, including exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas, gas sales, transportation, refining and sales of petroleum products, and international crude oil and petroleum products trading. Total also plays an important role in the chemical industry.